Athletic, Public Speaking & Performance Anxieties

Performance Anxiety: We are all familiar with that cold rush of fear that can paralyze you at a critical moment. Neuroscience has mapped the mental process for acute anxiety, and notes that most of the brain’s activity is in the areas devoted to dealing with serious threat. At the same time, areas pertaining to reason, reflection, and empathy are given scarce opportunity to weigh in. To return control of the situation to one’s self, it becomes necessary to use both mind and body to calm the alarm system.

I offer a way of working that makes use of hypnosis and Internal Family Systems in part to demonstrate for my clients how powerful their own minds are. The practice of making a conscious decision about how you are going to feel, followed by the experience in my office of feeling that way, can then be brought to the rest of life. The “body” part of the therapy is a collaboration between me and my client to come up with practices for use on the stages or playing fields of life.

Tension is who you think you should be.
Relaxation is who you are.
– Chinese proverb